For this part of the Dictionary Dressings project practitioners working in or with fashion are invited to engage with the approach by either directly exploring a definition of choice or by interlinking the approach with their own current work processes and/or products.

In this way the reduced vestimentary descriptions from the dictionary lead to contributions that explore shape, material, meaning, relation to a body and context as well as modes of use and production. Each contribution reflects an approach to fashion/clothes unique to the designer/artist/researcher’s existing practice. Together the contributions begin to reveal the potential of Dictionary Dressings as an activating design-approach, which liberates the fashion practitioner from preconceived forms and understandings of clothing.

Barbara Brownie
Conny Groenewegen
Elisa van Joolen
Femke de Vries
Joke Robaard
Ruby Hoette
Sanne van den Elzen

Het Vouwen Van Tafellakens 1930|2017 by Sanne van den Elzen

Glove - Covering Of The Hand by Femke de Vries

Trui by Conny Groenewegen

One-to-One by Elisa van Joolen

More Burning Than Words by Joke Robaard

A Conversation Piece by Ruby Hoette