Using an archive of images and text fragments as a starting point this publication brings together theoretical contributions that address the relationship between the vestimentary word and fashion by Barbara Brownie and Joke Robaard and practice-led approaches that investigate materiality, form and modes of use by BLESS, Conny Groenewegen, Elisa van Joolen, Ruby Hoette and participants of the Dictionary Dressings workshop.

Designed by Hans Gremmen and Corine van der Wal.
Published by Onomatopee.
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OMP 130
Graphic design: Hans Gremmen and Corine van der Wal
Editing: Ruby Hoette
Printing: Wilco Amersfoort
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-94-91677-60-1
392 pages
Jane Bemont (Text Joke Robaard)
Nanne op ‘t Ende (Introduction, blurb, image archive and text Conny Groenewegen)
Sanne van den Elzen (Studio photography Conny Groenewegen)
Rebekka from Max Models (Studio photography Conny Groenewegen)

Engagement with broader implications and potential in relation to the fashion system as well as the activation of the design approach was made possible and has taken shape through conversations, in depth analysis and explorations with and by a diverse range of people. Through their willingness to explore and share work and thought processes the following contributors are an essential part of the project:Barbara Brownie, BLESS, Conny Groenewegen, Elisa van Joolen, Joke Robaard, Ruby Hoette, Students from the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht).
This project has taken shape through extensive conversations/dialogue and editing with Ruby Hoette.

Many thanks for your support process and/or contentwise:
Ada Bosman, Akke Kooij, Alie de Vries, Anke de Vries, Antje Reitsma, Barbara Brownie, Bas van den Hurk, Ben de Vries, Conny Groenewegen, Daniela Dossi, Elisa van Joolen, Elmer Koole, Freek Lomme, gerlach en koop, Hanka van der Voet, Hans Geluk, Hans Gremmen, HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht), HKU Research group “Maakonderzoek”, Irma Földényi, Joke Robaard, Maaike Feitsma, Maaike Lauwaert, Mathijs van Geest (Hordaland Kunstsenter), Nanne op ‘t Ende, Remco Torenbosch, Ruby Hoette, Sanne van den Elzen, Sarah Sixma, Sieger de Vries, University of Hertfordshire, Wenda Torenbosch.

This research, publication and presentation have been kindly supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL, Kunstraad Groningen and the LeoXIII Gastatelier.
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Photo by Sanne van den Elzen